About Me

"Thank you so much for providing me and my family with some very practical training steps to help our dog Chip become a calmer, happier dog. Chip was so out of control that I had no idea what to do.  ......  I saw results within the first week of training him and I continue to be amazed at how different a dog he is from when I first brought him to you.The tools you have given me are for life. I cannot thank you enough and would highly recommend you to anyone with a dog, no matter what age their dog is.  (Chip is 4 years old) Thanks so much!!! Jen"

My mission

I am committed to meeting the needs of your dog.

Your dogs challenging behaviours often occur when what they think is acceptable and what you think is acceptable has been lost in translation. Communication is key to teaching successful acceptable behaviour. And their learning starts the day you bring them home!

The best way to end up with a calm confidant adult dog is to start their schooling straight away with my Puppy Perfection training.

If you have adopted a teenager or adult/older dog from a rescue or a shelter then Teen/Dog Teaching takes into account the habits good and bad they have already formed.

Aggression of any type needs to be worked on straight away, as does Separation Anxiety (barking/howling, escaping, self harm, destruction to your property/house) and this is where a full behaviour assessment is needed to get to the bottom of the problem and start work from the ground up to reduce and relieve the stress and worry with my In-Home Tutoring programes.

I have a dog training venue in Cashmere, on Brisbane's Northside. I am also happy to travel to you in the greater Brisbane area. $1 per Kilometer travel charge over 20k's from my Venue in Cashmere 4500.

A dog’s respect, trust and love cannot be demanded or taken; it only comes when you show good leadership. I welcome the opportunity to help you earn your dog’s respect, trust and love, and to help turn your dog into a valued part of your family.

You will be learning more than basic obedience commands and will receive homework notes to keep for reference.

My qualifications and experience

  • 10 years of experience training Brisbane Northside's Pet dogs
  • Associate member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT)
  • Associate member of the Pet Professional Guild Australia (PPGA)
  • Volunteer experience as an assistant instructor with a Cert IV qualified Delta Society Australia Dog Training instructor
  • Volunteer experience as a foster carer and assistant assessor for the Greyhound Adoption Program
  • Certificate III Companion Animal Services, including student experience at the RSPCA