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Keeping ALL family members safe.
Posted on Monday May 9th 2016 by Lisa

Why are we (positive reinforcement dog traininers and behaviourists) kill joy's. Well we see the very real 'horrible' end result of lots of those cute dog and child photos and videos.

Every dog parent and every parent with a human child who knows someone with a canine family member needs to know how to read dog body language and to teach children how to read it but also how to respect the individual dogs space requirements.

Please read and share this link from Ilana Reisner, DVM, PhD, Diplomate ACVB of Today's Veterinary Practive, the Official Journal of NAVC, to prevent needless deaths.

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All Dogs are Individuals
Posted on Thursday February 11th 2016 by Lisa

This is a great inforgaphic produced by some great people who can help us understand the dogs we have and why the behave they way they do.

This is from the people at Animal Farm Foundation INC. and explains what it really means to have a pure breed or a mixed breed dog.

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Feeding Toys in use 29012016
Posted on Friday January 29th 2016 by Lisa

Feeding toys will help your dog use their brain and a bit of their energy and it is always good to have a few different ones to mix things up or to prolong the eating time.  Feeding toys do not need to be expensive, however you will need to supervise when those toys are not indestructible.

My favourites are the Kong and the Premier Pets ' Busy Buddy'. Others like the Nina Ottosson food finder need to be supervised.

Feeding toys are not ment to take forever but do increase the time and energy used by your dog to eat. Pepper went through the Food Finder in about 4 minutes. Thats is three minutes and 50 seconds longer than if she had been eating out of her food bowl.

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Translating the learning Time Frames of your dog
Posted on Thursday May 21st 2015 by
Why is getting training started at 8 weeks so important in the life of my puppy? Read More
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