One on One Dog Training

MindDog Assistance Dog Training

The MindDog organisation is for individuals with a mental health disorder and a dog, (your own dog). MindDog will test that dog for suitability, oversee the training, test, and certify that dog as an assistance dog. One On One dog training is affiliated with MindDogs to do your localised training.

Go to for more information on the process and how to apply.

Lisa Kanne is one of the handful of MindDog approved trainers in the Brisbane North and surrounding area, helping pet parents  prepare their dogs for the MindDog Public Access Test.

Training is quite straightforward with clear requirements. You will receive ongoing personal/mail/phone support between training sessions.

You will receive a detailed training report after the initial assessment including homework. After that I will work with you to work out a time that suits for the next visit to start working towards your goals.

FEE STRUCTURE: $65 per one hour session. Travel may be extra. I have kept my fee low, so as many clients may be able to use their NDIS funding as possible. I can supply invoices/budgets/reports to submit to your case manager.