Products I use and can Recommend, and Pages with good, helpful information.

All the links I have supplied here below are for products I use here in my home for and with my dogs.  Or are links to pages with good useful and helpful information.

Some of the these products and or some of the information can also be found on my "Raising Fur Kids" page.

Big Dog Pet Foods.

I have used their raw patties for my dogs since 2006. The main thing I notice is the difference in poo, yes 'poo', compared to dogs feed dry kibble diets. We have much less smell, amount/volume and frequency, and much better, firmer, and easier to pick up. 


Black Dog Wear.

These are the only collars, harnesses and leads I buy. Their quality and design are second to none, but then products designed and made by dog trainers for dogs and dog training would be expected to be. Because of this, I stock these useful helpful positive reinforcement assistive training products.


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