Puppy Perfection

Puppy Perfection builds a confident trustworthy companion from the ground up. 

Imagine your furniture, your shoes or the kids toys are not chewed to pieces. Your dog is lying peacefully on their mat chewing on their chew toy. Your dog gets up, goes to the door and sits to ask you to let them out to go the toilet. As you head to bed your dog goes and lies down on their bed without needing to be asked. When you pick up the lead your dog sits calmly whilst you attach it to their collar or harness, then sits beside you and waits for your direction to move through the door. Be proud of your dog as they walk politely and camly past people and other dogs.

Staying still and calm for nail trimming, ear and teeth checks, a vet visit where a temperature check and breathing check are performed before their vaccinations. Lying calmly on their side so their legs and feet can be checked for injury if you have noticed limping. All this without your vet needing to resort to a muzzle.

My Training venue is in Cashmere 4500. I am happy to provide home visits, travel charges will apply.

You will receive a set of comprhensive notes after each training session detailing what we covered in class and attachments covering the training behaviours you are learning.

I have space for and encourage all family members, as even the youngest children need to learn how to behave around puppies and dogs. A second adult is required to attend if children under the age of 7yrs will be attending lessons. This allows one adult to give full attention to the training whilst the second can give attention to children when required.


$275 gets you 3 x 1hr PRIVATE lessons at my Venue, giving you, your family and your situation main priority EVERY lesson.

Add $0.66 per kilometer of travel to have those 3 x 1hr lessons in the comfort of your own home.

To request a return phone call, fill out the prospective client questionair here 'Enquire Now'; or call me on 0414 498 642


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