Training Courses

 Puppy Perfection    

Puppy Preschool or puppy training builds a confident trustworthy companion from the ground up using the latest science based Positive Reinforcement training techniques that are fun and help your puppy learn. 

Imagine your furniture, your shoes and the kids toys are not chewed to pieces. Your dog is lying piecefully on their mat chewing on their chew toy. Your dog gets up, goes to the door and sits to ask you to let them out to go the toilet instead of weeing inside on the carpet. As you head to bed your dog goes and lies down on their bed without needing to be asked. When you pick up the lead your dog sits calmly whilst you attach it to their collar or harness, then sits beside you and waits for your direction to move through the door. Be proud of your dog as they walk politely and camly past people and other dogs.   Read More


 Teen/Dog Teaching    

Too old for puppy training? or so you've been told! Is one or more of these a question you're dying to find the answer to? ♦ How do I stop my dog barking; ♦ How do I stop my dog from pulling on the lead; ♦ How do I get my dog to listen and pay attention; ♦ How do I stop my dog from biting my feet.

Having people over or taking your dog out in public without stress or embarassment can be achieved. Whether you have re-homed a rescue dog or have just had enough of the bad behaviour that seems too hard to change, NOW is the perfect time to tick dog training off your to do list. Read More


 Extension Sessions 

Learning at your pace and being able to add 1 or more 1hr sessions to your number of lessons allows you to get it right without any pressure, allowing you to concentrate on that one thing you really need help with, whether it is pulling on lead or coming to you when you call. Just like us our dogs learn at different speeds depending on their personality, past experiences and current level of training.

Increasing your dogs level of learning helps you to help your dog be able to comply with your requests with added distractions, at increased distances from you, and for longer periods of time.  Create a recall to impress, and a beautifully calm loose leash walker in the most distracting of places. Teach your dog to behave appropriately even when you are not in the room.

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At my venue
1 Extension Session = $80
2 Extension Sessions = $150
3 Extension Sessions = $220
In your home
cost of chosen sessions plus $0.66 per kilometer of travel.