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Welcome to the new and improved where training your dog to behave in everyday life situations is about more than sit, stay and heel.

I exclusively offer '1 on 1' unique practical positive reinforcement training options related to 'pet' dog training, walking and minding in Brisbane and the greater Brisbane area, tailored to your needs, for a calmer, modern real-life well behaved companion. If you have any questions fill out the Enquiry Form to request a return phone call, or call me on 0414 498 642.

I know how hard it can be to choose the right place when it comes to your dog. I invite parents to contact me to discuss their options or specific requirements. Most importantly I want you to have fun with your dog!

Puppy Perfection: from 8 weeks , Teen/Dog Teaching from 6 months and Behaviour Assessments from any age for those worrying behaviours like: fear or aggression around other dogs and people, lunging on lead, separation anxiety, escaping, barking/howling.

Personalised services extends to Playdates, Home Visits and Walking I can even do some training to brush up on their manners for you.

"I tried a few group dog training classes on Brisbane's Northside from The Gap to Albany Creek with no success with our dog Mars and was ready to give up before calling Lisa at One On One Dog Training. ......  Lisa has a wonderful way with dogs and her approach is positive ...........  Read more testamonials.

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Keeping ALL family members safe.

Why are we (positive reinforcement dog traininers and behaviourists) kill joy's. Well we see the very real 'horrible' end result of lots of those cute dog and child photos and videos.

Every dog parent and every parent with a human child who knows someone with a canine family member needs to know how to read dog body language and to teach children how to read it but also how to respect the individual dogs space requirements.

Please read and share this link from Ilana Reisner, DVM, PhD, Diplomate ACVB of Today's Veterinary Practive, the Official Journal of NAVC, to prevent needless deaths.

Pepper and Koda meet Maleika 23112017
Pepper and Koda met Maleika for the first time today. As they are not interested in playing with him they are great teachers for him, in that he learns to read body language different to that of other dogs he's met who want to play.  He stayed at a distance requested by Pepper and Koda.