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One on One Dog Training is here to help you and your dog when traditional group classes can’t, which we have been successfully doing since 2010. Tailoring services to you and your needs and the specific needs of your dog allowing me to adjust training sessions, dates and times especially for you. We can provide these services both on and off-line. Our focus is on providing modern, effective, and smart training solutions that work and are backed up by research and evidence. Each of our trainers has a slightly different style but none of them consider using pain or fear to train a pet dog, an ethical choice. Instead we use motivational techniques which include using markers, toys and food to train your dog. I travel for free up to within 30kms of Cashmere QLD 4500 but also our online solutions have successfully trained dogs all over. With the online options you can train at anytime with the team.


I am available to contact personally Tuesday - Thursday 9am - 2:30pm and 7pm - 9pm, and Saturday - Sunday 9am - 5pm.    Contact Me


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Keeping ALL family members safe.

Why are we (positive reinforcement dog traininers and behaviourists) kill joy's. Well we see the very real 'horrible' end result of lots of those cute dog and child photos and videos.

Every dog parent and every parent with a human child who knows someone with a canine family member needs to know how to read dog body language and to teach children how to read it but also how to respect the individual dogs space requirements.

Please read and share this link from Ilana Reisner, DVM, PhD, Diplomate ACVB of Today's Veterinary Practive, the Official Journal of NAVC, to prevent needless deaths.