One on One Dog Training

Puppies : Training from 8 weeks to 6 months

From the day you get them home you need to be on the front foot to teach them how to navigate their new human world. Prevent unwanted chewing of furniture, barking, escaping and anything else your puppy deems acceptable from starting, by creating a trusting working relationship, by teaching foundation behaviours you Do want.

Your puppy already knows how to sit and lie down, you need to know how to teach them to do those behaviours and many more, when you want them to do them!

Everyone gets the perfect start with my On-Line training or in person lessons, as you get all the information about learning how to get the best start in the best way for your puppy.

On-Line Puppy Training Course – $100 (unlimited access)
3 x 1hr In Person Puppy Training Lessons – $620
Giving you all the information you need for the best start.

Online training keeps you and your puppy safe and in an environment that your puppy finds easy to learn in! 

In our Good Dog Level 1 for Puppies learn how to teach your puppy to be the best boy or girl your family could wish for.

Like any parent, showing your puppy what’s right and wrong is the key to your dog growing into an awesome dog your family and friends will be jealous of. Commit to just 5 minutes a day and marvel at the results.

To begin your training journey with us click on your preferred option above.

You have the course for life and will receive additional notes to ensure you have access to the best information available you need for your situation, and how to enrich their lives, so they can enrich yours!