One on One Dog Training


It’s been such a wonderful learning/bonding time for me and my two little boys.  Both have come from different beginnings but both are now, thanks to your help and guidance, heading in the same direction.  Little William has come such a long way and every day I see progress with him.  Sonny is always there for him and I see if William is scared or unsure Sonny steps in to reassure him.  Sonny now knows the word “down” and William “sits” when asked.  Sonny also “comes” on command so his barking is a lot less.  Were still workmen on “wait” before we go onto “stay”. 

I will definitely contact you when the boys are ready for the next step.  I cannot thank you enough, I’m so grateful for what you have shown me and taught me how to teach my two little ones Lisa.

Warmest regards,

Rae Clark


As owners of two healthy middle-aged working dog breeds, Pepper and Koda, living in suburbia we know they need action and stimulation, otherwise we soon see bad habits form out of frustration. We walk/play with them twice daily but they need more while we sit in our offices. We made a great investment by recruiting this qualified animal loving superstar called Lisa Kanne in to their lives. Once a week Lisa collects them and takes them to the beach or a dog park and we can see from the video she posts that evening that they just adore her and have a great time! Pepper and Koda have even had a sleep over at Lisa’s house when we had to stay out one evening. Again, the video shows they barely thought about us because they were having fun and being given lots of attention and positive feedback in a happy home environment. We relaxed knowing they were with a friend. I also recommend Lisa’s training techniques. Not only does she tailor training to suit your situation and needs, it is importantly all about positive reinforcement – how else would you want to treat your best friend? We are very happy with Lisa’s professional, reliable and friendly service. Pepper and Koda are even happier! I definitely recommend you give her a call if you need advice, care and training for your furry friend/s. 



Hi Lisa,
Thank you so much for the training over the past 3 weeks, both Steve and I feel that it was so worthwhile and can’t believe the quick improvement already. We got so much more out of your training compared to the group trainings that we have done in the past. You have a great teaching style, very positive and encouraging. I have a few friends with dogs who have tried group obedience training in the past with not much success, I will definitely pass your details onto them.
Thank you,
Mia & Steve


Hi Lisa,

Thank you so much for providing me and my family with some very practical training steps to help our dog Chip become a calmer, happier dog.

Chip was so out of control that I had no idea what to do.  After talking with my local pet shop about his behaviour they recommended I talk to you about one-on-one training.  I am so glad I did!  I realised that I had not taken the time to understand nor train Chip and that is why he was so out of control.

You provided me with the information and the tools to understand and train our dog.  Your way of training is fun, practical and easy.  I saw results within the first week of training him and I continue to be amazed at how different a dog he is from when I first brought him to you.

The tools you have given me are for life. I cannot thank you enough and would highly recommend you to anyone with a dog, no matter what age their dog is.  (Chip is 4 years old)

Thanks so much!!! Jen


There is nothing better than seeing my training in action…..  Go Xiva! 

During our preparations for the arrival of our new puppy, we found Lisa and booked in for training to start the very weekend we picked her up. We feel that by getting in early and starting training from the very beginning helped both us, and our new family member (Xiva) understand each other, and make her transition into our household very easy. Lisa not only helped us with the obedience side of things, but she was able to guide us with understanding what different body languages meant, better food choices, toileting, and keeping our new puppy entertained and our furniture chew free! 

We have called upon Lisa’s services again after adopting a rescue dog. As a two year old dog that had been a stray, and also had some bad habits from her prior life, we had some work to do so that we understood each other. We were able to draw on the knowledge we had from the previous training we had completed with Lisa for general behaviour around the house, but found that walking our new dog 9Rayne) was extremely hard (especially when our trained dog walks so beautifully). We are very happy with how much the walking has improved in the few weeks that we have completed to date, and whilst we still have more work to do to change the habits and encourage our new dog to walk better, we are confident that it will happen. It really highlighted to us, the importance of starting good training habits as soon as your new puppy comes home, but also that it is not impossible to teach an older dog new tricks (and good behaviour). 

We are so appreciative of Lisa’s help, and highly recommend her training.


Ben and Roberta


Hi Lisa

Not sure if you remember, we brought our great Dane cross maybe lab named Daisy to you before Christmas. I thought you’d be interested to hear how she is going as a result of classes with you!


We ended up getting another dog- looked into greyhounds and did some meet and greets with a couple but they just weren’t seeming to fit with Daisy. So we took a great amount of time and looked at similar aged rescue dogs else where and ended up adopting what we believed was a great Dane x mastiff from the RSPCA but we think he is actually a kelpie cross husky!


He is a month younger than Daisy, and they are inseparable! He is the only dog that Daisy isn’t funny with when it comes to giving him attention and not her, and it was like that from the moment they met! We always get comments on how well they get along, and our neighbour often sits out on his back deck watching them play as it is such a lovely thing to see!


We’ve had a very big break through as well. Since having Duncan, we can leave them alone in the garden during the day with no issues and my goodness has it made such a big difference! She is so calm and the boundaries in the house seemed to click all of a sudden! She will now come into our bedroom if we leave the door open but won’t go on the bed unless we ask her up and we can also leave the stair gate open to the kitchen and neither of them will come in.


Duncan unfortunately gets very car sick, but I have pulled out all those emails from you again and we are using all your tricks to make the car a fun place, that doubled with some pheromone spray. It’s great though, as he is showing Daisy how to jump in the car and she is showing him that a car trip is a good thing!


I would like to say a big thankyou! We use everything you have taught us and it has helped us to understand the dogs far better!


I’m the first to recommend you when it comes to training! And Andy swears by your word now- a huge change from the guy I had to convince to give it a try!

So thankyou again!



Dear Lisa,

I wanted to write to thank you for the training you gave Ken and I with Monty.

Without the training you offered us with Monty we would have been absolutely lost. There were so many ways that Monty was trying to communicate with us that we just weren’t understanding. We use the hand gestures you taught us daily (which helped so much when I lost my voice for a week and could only use hand gestures)!!!

We know now that his behaviour is always a direct reaction to our behaviour and I wish to thank you so much for your help. I would happily recommend your training program to any puppy and dog owner as you have an amazing understanding of puppies and dogs, and you communicate it so well to owners.

Thank you once again.
Bec and Ken


Hi Lisa


I just wanted to say thank you so much for your recent guidance with training Colin and myself on how to teach our pooch “Buddy” some walking manners. 


I’m only sorry that I hadn’t found you when we first acquired Buddy some 9 months ago. Five weeks of so called training with another group failed both Buddy, and Colin and I as his owners.  


Your one-on-one training is fantastic, and we would have no hesitation in recommending you and your methods to anyone. 


Once again thank you so much for your help, and we wish you all the best with the imminent birth of your next little bundle of joy.


Our sincere regards

Colin and Lesley

Hi Lisa
Thanks again so much for the training, Jenksy and I enjoyed it and I agree we have come a long way since our first week of training.  I am so happy I found you and I would have to say that the training you offer is very unique, I love that your training is one-on-one allowing you to tailor the pace and techniques to suit Jenksy as she progressed.  As mentioned, being a first time puppy owner of a rather excitable Labrador cross, learning in a larger group puppy class was difficult with Jenksy getting distracted and me continuing to try methods that didn’t suit her and her behaviours.  We’ve learnt so much more with you and progressed more quickly in the space of the six lessons than in six months since trying to keep up what we had learnt previously through other classes.  Your tips and advice along the way have been invaluable both to our sanity and our furniture, gardens etc.!
Thanks again


“Thank you Lisa for recently looking after our dog Rolo on such a short notice. You have helped us out tremendously and we are so glad we have found your service. We are able to feel absolutely relaxed and confident in going away, knowing that our precious girl is in your professional care and well loved. Rolo looked healthy, very happy and she didn’t appear to have missed us at all. We can’t imagine leaving her with anyone else and look forward to seeing you again in August!


We appreciate you, and so does Rolo : )

Andreas and Verena.