One on One Dog Training

Behaviour Problems

Learn how to start your journey towards less stress and an improved quality of life and better behaviour from your dog by applying the latest science based Positive Reinforcement training techniques.

  • Before or after you get that barking notice from council for excessive barking.
  • Rather than picking up your escape artist from a neighbour or the local vet one more time.
  • Instead of hiding at home because your dog ‘goes nuts’ at other dogs or people, cars, or kids on bikes.
  • Are you stressed that your dog stresses so much when they know a storm is coming?
  • Does your dog stress and run or cower at every noise or new sight? 


With years of successfully working one on one with my clients and having succesful outcomes with many different behaviour issues with dogs of all ages and all breeds, I can help you begin on the right path to confidently take that first step toward a calmer, better behaved family companion.

Begining with a free phone call to dicuss the behaviour you are worried by and want to change, I will advise you of your best course of action!