One on One Dog Training

Raising Fur Kids

So, you want a puppy?

Have you decided on a breed or are you rescuing an older dog? Still deciding and want to know what would be the best breed for you and your lifestyle?

The one main thing….. as a dog trainer and a dog owner, and a mother of two human children, knowing what I know and the effort required to help your family, including your new four legged family member become the best of friends and for you to have a calm confidant adult dog in your household is wait until your youngest human child is 7. This means you have more time for puppy or dog training, as your children are capable of following simple commands and requests, and to an extent can look after themselves.

Now what is your dog going to be like when it gets older? Yes there are breed instinctive behaviours but dogs are more than what they look like!  

I am a Professional Member of the Pet Professional Guild of Australia. They have some great free information here, I recommend you check it out!!!

Pet Professional Guild Australia – Puppy Education (

Pet Professional Guild Australia – Dog Training Education Resources for the pet owner (

Pet Professional Guild Australia – Dog Training Video Resources (



Still to come, Q’s to ask yourself when deciding on a breed or rescue, links to RSPCA information and blog articles on the latest research on training for dogs.

Going to School

Whether you are looking at having a new 8 week old puppy or an older dog join your family, training is very important.

Depending on the age of your new fur kid and past history of learning, or lack of,  depends on the training you need to undertake.

Training? Why does a dog need training? Aren’t they man’s best friend? Don’t they just fit into my life the way it is and give me lots of cuddles?

Lets start with how they LEARN!  Dogs learn by association: ‘basic meaning’ is you pair a behaviour with a word, for example pairing your dog sitting with the word sit and your dog starts to understand that when you say sit and they sit they get a reward. This can also be pairings put together by the environment, for example chewing things relieves boredom or barking at the postman makes him go away.