One on One Dog Training

About Me

My Mission

I am committed to meeting the needs of your dog.

Your dogs challenging behaviours often occur when what they think is acceptable and what you think is acceptable has been lost in translation. Communication is key to teaching successful acceptable behaviour. And their learning starts the day you bring them home!

A dog’s respect, trust and love cannot be demanded or taken. I welcome the opportunity to help you earn your dog’s trust and love, to help turn your dog into a valued part of your family.

You will also receive comprehensive notes to keep for reference.

My continued education, qualifications, experience.

  • Attended the Dog Behaviour Conference hosted by Victoria Stillwell
  • Studying Member of the School of Canine Science
  • Completed the Puppy Lab Certificate by the School Of Canine Science
  • 14 years experience training Pet dogs
  • Professional member of the Pet Professional Guild Australia (PPGA)
  • Listed with NFD Australia as a preferred trainer
  • Listed as a trainer with Mind Dog
  • Experience as an assistant instructor with a Cert IV qualified Delta Society Australia Dog Training instructor
  • Experience as a foster carer and assistant assessor for the Greyhound Adoption Program
  • Certificate III Companion Animal Services, including experience working at the RSPCA

My On-Line Team

Nando Brown

With Khaleesi, Arya and Fizz,
bringing you the Good Dog Level 1 videos


With Blake, Ella and Archie, bringing you the Good Dog Level 1 videos

Dean Nicholas

With Sidney the American Shepherd, and Rescue Princess Echo, rounding out the Good Dog Level 1 videos